Effects of lead and cadmium on photosynthesis in Amaranthus spinosus and assessment... 2019/09/12 
Characteristics of growth and microcystin production of Microcystis aeruginosa expo... 2019/09/12 
Selenium enhances Conyza canadensis phytoremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydroca... 2019/05/20 
Removal of MC-LR using the stable and efficient MIL-100MIL-53 (Fe) photocatalyst: T... 2019/05/15 
Selenium enhanced phytoremediation of diesel contaminated soil by Alternanthera phi... 2019/02/21 

Kinetics simulation of Cu and Cd removal and the microbial community adaptation in ... 2019/01/16 
Bro.nsted Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Microcystin-LR by Siderite 2018/05/15 
Se enhanced phytoremediation of diesel in soil by Trifolium repens 2018/05/14 
Selenium enhanced degradation of diesel by Erigeron annuus 2018/05/14 
Complex Formation via Hydrogen bonding between Rhodamine B and Montmorillonite in A... 2018/04/20 

Effects of feeding, digestion and fasting on the respiration and swimming capabilit... 2018/04/20 
Template-Free Solvothermal Synthesis of Flower-Like BiOBr Microspheres in Ethanol M... 2018/02/08 
Synthesis of BiOBr microspheres with ethanol as self-template and solvent with cont... 2017/12/11 
Swimming and Recovery Abilities of Juvenile Chinese Sturgeon Acipenser sinensis 2017/10/24 
Swimming and Recovery Abilities of Juvenile Chinese Sturgeon 2017/09/20 

香溪河沉积物重金属形态分布特征及生态风险评价 2017/08/26 
黄铁矿光化学氧化降解微囊藻毒素-LR的机制 2017/08/26 
改性魔芋水凝胶/膨润土双层包膜缓释复合肥制备及性能研究 2017/07/30 
镉污染环境下中华蚊母树的镉积累与生长及叶绿素荧光动力学响应 2017/07/30 
铅污染条件下小飞蓬的铅积累与生长及叶绿素荧光动力学响应 2017/05/10 
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