机器学习优化CASA模型的三峡库区消落带植被NPP估算 2024/03/18 
Boosted Photocatalytic Degradation of Atrazine Using OxygenModified g‑C3N4: Invest... 2024/01/12 
Using waste to treat waste: facile synthesis of hollow carbon nanospheres from lign... 2023/12/11 
Spatial confinement of Co-N-C catalyst in carbon nanocuboid for water Decontaminati... 2023/12/11 
Efficient treatment of actual glyphosate wastewater via non-radical Fenton-like oxi... 2023/11/06 

三峡库区香溪河库湾水体磷含量对消落带土壤铅和镉迁移转化的影响 2023/10/31 
Insights into O2 activation via MnIIIOOH species on Mn-rich biochar 2023/10/19 
The effect of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) color on biofilm development and biofilm-he... 2023/10/19 
Occurrence and potential harms of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in environment ... 2023/04/10 
Electrocatalytic transformation of oxygen to hydroxyl radicals via three-electron p... 2023/04/06 

Carbon nanotube as a nanoreactor for efficient degradation of 3-aminophenol over Co... 2023/04/06 
Comparison of moisture sources of summer precipitation in 1998 and 2020 in the midd... 2023/03/13 
Combined effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and organophosphate flame retardant... 2023/03/11 
Enhanced removal of tetracycline over CeMO-7 % nanorods via electronic i... 2023/03/01 
Medium-long-term prediction of water level based on an improved spatio-temporal at... 2023/02/14 

流速对细鳞裂腹鱼游泳行为及能量消耗影响的研究 2023/02/14 
Plasmon Enhanced Nickel(II) Catalyst for Photocatalytic Lignin Model Cleavage 2023/02/14 
重金属镉对黄鳝的慢性毒性研究 2022/10/17 
Wavelength-Specific Product Desorption as a Key to Raising Nitrile Yield of Primary... 2022/10/17 
Synergy Effect between Facet and Zero-Valent Copper for Selectivity Photocatalytic ... 2022/10/17 
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