Adsorption behavior and adsorption mechanism of glyphosate in water by amino-MIL-10... 2021/10/07 
Suppressing toxic intermediates during photocatalytic degradation of glyphosate by ... 2021/09/13 
非水溶性铁Schiff碱配合物活化H2O2光催化降解环丙沙星 2021/09/11 
Temperature-Induced Variations in Photocatalyst Properties and Photocatalytic Hydro... 2021/06/06 
Plasmonic silver nanoparticles promoted sugar conversion to 5-hydroxy methylfurfura... 2021/06/06 

人工繁殖圆口铜鱼幼鱼游泳能力与游泳行为研究 2021/04/19 
L-Cysteine directing synthesis of BiOBr nanosheets for efficient cefazolin photodeg... 2021/03/03 
Prediction of flooding in the downstream of the Three Gorges Reservoir based on a b... 2021/03/02 
Effect of repeated exercise fatigue on the swimming performance of juvenile rock c... 2020/12/28 
水中Mn(Ⅲ)介导的头孢哌酮钠转化机制 2020/08/30 

MIL-53(Fe)/g-C​3N4复合材料的制备及其光催化性能 2020/08/30 
Preliminary study on the electrocatalytic performance of an iron biochar catalyst p... 2020/06/20 
Spatial distribution, risk assessment, and source identification of heavy metals in... 2020/06/20 
Hydrothermal synthesis of m-BiVO4/t-BiVO4 heterostructure for organic pollutants de... 2020/06/20 
Heavy metal accumulation and health risk assessment of crayfish collected from cult... 2020/06/12 

Nano-SiO2 combined with a surfactant enhanced phenanthrene phytoremediation by Erig... 2020/05/25 
Preliminary study on the electrocatalytic performance of an iron biochar catalyst p... 2020/04/14 
天然橄榄石对水体铜绿微囊藻的去除效果 2020/04/14 
High catalytic hydrolysis of microcystins on pyrite surface 2020/04/14 
Effect of tail fin loss on swimming capability and tail beat frequency of juvenile ... 2020/04/13 
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